Rentals Terms And Conditions


1. If account is current, the balance of the instrument may be paid off early at any time to receive a 40% discount off the  
       unpaid balance

1. The instrument may be returned to Accent Music to terminate this agreement provided no payments are past due and
the instrument and its attachments/accessories are in good condition.  
2. Do not return the instrument to the school without proper authorization from Accent Music, Inc.
3. You are responsible for all payments and the total cost of the instrument unless you have a return receipt from us.  
4. Instruments must be returned by the end of the month to avoid the next month’s payment.  
5. Payments made to the account prior to the return will not be refunded.

1. During the trial period, any instrument in good condition may be exchanged for another type or model of the same
condition, for no charge.  The original trial fee will be applied toward the trial fee for the replacement instrument.  
2. After the trial period and up to one year from the date of this agreement, a $15 fee will be charged for exchanges.
3. No instrument exchanges after one year, except for stringed instruments.
4. Stringed instruments can be exchanged to a larger size of the same type of instrument at any time and all instrument
payments will be credited toward the replacement instrument until the full size instrument is paid for in full.
5. Rental payments for up to one year from the date of this contract can be applied toward the purchase of a new instrument.  

1. Accent Music will provide (free of charge) all regular maintenance and repairs the instrument may require under normal
use during this agreement if payments are current.  
2. Accent Music, Inc. reserves the right to determine whether the needed repair is ‘normal wear and tear’.  
3. A replacement or loaner instrument will be provided during the repair if one is available.    

1. The LDW is available at a modest monthly fee to cover the instrument in case of accidental damage or theft.
2. If the LDW is not elected, the contract signer is responsible for the total cost of the instrument.  
3. If the LDW is elected, and if payments are current, Accent Music, Inc. will terminate the agreement in case of theft or
accidental damage and release contract signer from the full cost of the instrument.  The instrument will not be replaced.
4. In the case of theft or accidental damage, payments up to the date of the loss will not be refunded.
5. The contract signer is required to provide Accent Music, Inc. with a police report if the instrument is stolen.
6. LDW can be added at any time pending an inspection of the instrument.

1. The contract signer will make monthly payments as specified in the agreement.  
2. All monthly payments are due in advance on the 1st of the month.
3. There are no refunds on payments.  
4. If payments are delinquent a late charge of $10 will be applied to your account on the 15th of the month.
5. If the account becomes more than 30 days delinquent Accent Music, Inc. reserves the right to repossess the instrument
and its accessories without notice and/or place the account with a collection agency to recover the entire amount of the
full purchase price plus collection and legal expenses.  
6. The contract signer will not permit the instrument to be sold, mortgaged or otherwise disposed of or permanently removed from the county of residence.  
7. Acceptance of this agreement by Accent Music, Inc. is subject to review.  A major credit card with an associated line of
credit or a refundable security deposit is required.  The security deposit will be refunded by check within 30 days of the
termination of the agreement.  The security deposit will be applied to any past due amounts in the event the account
becomes delinquent.

1. This agreement is between the contract signer and Accent Music, Inc.  
2. Written consent from Accent Music, Inc. is required before transferring the instrument to another school.  
3. Accent Music, Inc. requires notification of any change of address.
4. Contract signer is responsible for notifying Accent Music of any credit card changes to the primary card used on the front of this form.  

You may contact Accent Music by phone: 302-999-9939 or by mail: 5810-A Kirkwood Hwy. Wilmington, DE   19808 or email: